We are a Class III Dealer located in the Cental Texas area.
We are certified armorers by Bushmaster/Blackwater USA, Glock,
Remington, and Mossberg.

We specialize in paramilitary and assault weapons; however, we can
obtain any weapon within the realm of legal possibility, including
non-Class III items such as rifles, handguns, shotguns, and pre-ban
weapons and magazines.  We specialize in Class III weapons, including
Transferable Machine Guns, Sound Suppressors (Silencers), Short
Barreled Weapons (SBS's, SBR's), and Any Other Weapons (AOW's).
We can obtain lower-cost "Law Enforcement Only" machine guns for law enforcement agency use, FET Exempt.  We are always
interested in trading in your police deparment's old weapons for new weapons.  Feel free to contact us and let us show you how we
can outfit your law enforcement agency with brand new equipment by trading out your old equipment, using little or no money at
all.  We can do this with any law enforcement agency in the United States.  Law Enforcement Agency references provided upon

For the private citizen, we locate and stock Class III Weapons.  Let us guide you through the legal steps in obtaining and filing the
appropriate Class III paperwork so that you remain within the legal boundaries.

If you are looking to sell your NFA investment, please contact us and we will attempt to locate a buyer for you and get top dollar
for your item.

Law Enforcement Agencies please contact us for a
free machine gun demonstration!  We have the following machine guns available
for demonstration; be it for officer safety, training, or for a potential future purchase:

-AK-47 and AMD-65
-Colt M16, M4, 9mm SMG (635)
-DPMS M4 and Kitty Kat (M160)
-Drop-In Auto Sear to convert your AR15 to M16
-Glock 18 and Drop In Auto Sear (converts any Glock pistol to select fire)
-Heckler & Koch G3, G36E, G36K, MP5A2, MP5A3, MP5K-N (PDW), MP5SD2, and UMP45
-Israel Military Industries UZI
-L1A1 / FAL
-Ruger AC556

LE Agencies: Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is a weapon not listed that you would like to test and evaluate.

Out-of-state FFL's please feel free to contact us as your transfer dealer.

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This webpage was last updated 8/2007.
Bushmaster Certified
Armorer & Executive
Protection Specialist
We are a Wiley-X Protective Optics Authorized Dealer
We are dealers for the following
suppressor manufacturers: Gemtech,
Advanced Armament Corporation,
Yankee Hill Machine, John's Guns, and
Mossberg Certified